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Visma Reporting - big files



Is it possible to create an Excel email subscription with file that contains more than 65536 rows?



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Svar: Visma Reporting - big files

That sounds like a hard-coded function. If it doesn't work automatically I recommend that you contact your partner for help.


Svar: Visma Reporting - big files

Hi Adam.

I think you can explain further what you are looking for.

If I understand you, you want to send an excel file to predetermined recipients.
The best way is to use Visma Onestop Reporting instead of Visma Reporting. Another solution that is a bit more advanced is to create the excel file by making a sql request directly to excel and then automatically save it. Then there are lots of guides on the internet on how to send these via either powershell or in a similar way. But the best is Visma Onestop Reporting.


As Marcus said. Talk to your partner then they will help you.


Mikael Björk
Traventus AB