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About task for create customer invoice question

by lema

I try to create the customer invoice by API, but I get the "project task" cannot be empty error, I want to confirm below questions:
1. Does the customer invoice line require a taskId? because some costs are not related to the task (only related to the project), so the cost don't have the task for the customer invoice line. Can we only pass the project to create invoice line?
2. The supplier invoice usually only match a project, there is no task for supplier Invoice. Can we only pass the project and no task to create invoice line if we add a supplier Invoice as customer Invoice line?

Accepted solution

by Yıldırım

Hi, if a project has been set in your company and that customer / invoice included in the configuration, then Project-Task field needs to be provided. If not, then you can check "Project accounting preferences"  <ScreenId=PM101000> in the UI to see what's the non-project code.

 Project accounting preferences.jpg

  • When you create a project-related document, you must specify a project task for each document line. If you have specified one of the project’s tasks as the default one for the project, the system will automatically insert this project task in the lines of documents when you select the project.


by lema

Can someone help me with this question?