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Florian Haase

Combination of filters when checking warehouse-changes

by Florian Haase (Updated ‎17-05-2021 15:07 by Yıldırım VISMA )



just to check. Is this URL correct?


I don't get the availabilityLastModifiedDateTime work in this combination but I'm not 100% sure about the datetime-filterformat. 


Here both the paging and the attribute-filter is working. But I always get all inventories which are matching the attribute and pagefilters, even if there are no warehouse changes.



Accepted solution
Magnus Johnsen

by Magnus Johnsen

Hi Florian,

As with the other "datetime" parameters you need to include the condition as well.

eg: ?availabilityLastModifiedDateTime=TimeDate  &availabilityLastModifiedDateTimeCondition=Condition


  • availabilityLastModifiedDateTime=time

As of today Filtering Parameters does not accept certain characters such as W-Z

These are the formats for Filtering


*2001-01-01 13:13:13

*2001-01-01 13:13:13.133

  • availabilityLastModifiedDateTimeCondition=Operator

Supported comparative operators for LastModifiedDateTime Conditions on filtering 

> - Greater than

< - Less than

<= - Less than or equal to

>= - Greater than or equal to

Florian Haase

Hi Magnus,


of course, sorry.

Short explenation why i forgot this:  We have fixed this condition for the lastmodifiedDateTime generic in our Visma.Net accessor (which is be used in all integrations). Therefor I did not think about it again. I have now changed this in that way, that all DateTime parameters will automatically be extended with the condition if it is missing with the >= (because thats that we want in nearly all cases). So we are not getting to forget this any more 🙂


I'm wondering if this could be the standard behaviour in the API too, this would save you maybe for some questions. But as mentioned have we fixed that on our side...




That sounds like a good idea, if this is an improvement you'd like to see. Please post it in the "Ideas" part of the forum.