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Create suppliers with multiple bank accounts

by Anonymous (Updated ‎17-05-2021 15:43 by Yıldırım VISMA )



We have a case where the external system is to create suppliers and supplier invoices using the API. Easy enough, but some of the suppliers have multiple bank accounts. (Invoices from the same supplier are paid to different bank accounts.)


In the GUI this is solvable by creating one location per bank account and then set the desired location on the supplier invoice.


In the API it is possible to create mutiple locations, but as far as I can see it is not possible to set the locations bank account.


Is this correct? If so, can you see any other solution to this case?

Accepted solution
Magnus Johnsen

by Magnus Johnsen


As of right now, it is not possible to GET/PUT/POST the payment details from the locations.

We have a case in the backlog for this and we have asked them for an update.

For now, the best workarounds are to either set these values manually in the UI on the locations and/or payment methods or update the supplier with:

  "supplierPaymentMethodDetails": [
      "paymentMethodDetailDescription": "string",
      "paymentMethodDetailValue": {
        "value": "string"

 2021-05-12 11_32_16-Suppliers.png

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by Anonymous

Thanks for the fast reply, Magnus. Then I think we have a full overview of the options. 


Please update this thread if you receive any new info from the dev team 🙂

by Magnus Johnsen

Hi Marius,

As this is an improvement and there are currently high priority cases ahead of it in the backlog, there is no current date planned for this.

Here is the Idea's post for the case: Expose "paymentDetails" from Supplier -> Locations

To help with prioritising the case, you can vote for the Idea.

Further progress will be posted in the Idea post. 


Thank you.