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Finding correct UI fields in JSON

by Thomas Adrian - Consili (Updated ‎25-09-2020 09:45 by Thomas Adrian - Consili PARTNER )

Is it possible to somehow find out which JSON attribute that a specific field in the Visma.NET UI points to.



On a customer there is a field in the UI called "Betalningsvillkor",  How do I know which field this is in the API? 


it would also be helpful to know which API endpoint each UI field is available in.






by Magnus Johnsen


The best way to find out this information apart from getting the document via the API and looking at the fields is to check Swagger.


What ScreenID corresponds to what endpoint van be seen in the header:

2020-09-25 Integrations Documentation.png


For what the fields are corresponding to, you can check the description of the model:

2020-09-25 Integrations Documentation.png


by mrtnsn

You can use the inspect tool in the GUI; ctrl + alt + click on the field you want info about.


Screenshot 2020-09-25 at 09.44.20.png


If it's not active for you, you have to first activate it from: Users (screen SM201010), find your user and activate the "Customizer" role