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Links to documents in VN

by Thomas Adrian - Consili


I am composing an email that should contain links to different documents in VN. i.e Invoices, customers, payments etc. All recipients of the email is logged in to VN.


How can I compose these links programmatically using the API (or any other way)


Example url, (missing some info)<?>/<?>/Main?CompanyID=<companynamn>&ScreenId=AR301000&DocType=INV&RefNbr=214079





Accepted solution
Magnus Johnsen

by Magnus Johnsen


Is there anything specific you need this for?

In the URL you would need to set the correct version number, the third part of the URL seems to be referring to window, as far as we know this can be set to any number and it will open the correct window:


The easiest way to set the version number would most likely be to get it from the swagger documentation and set it after every update.

Apart from that, you'd need to get the remaining parts of the URL's by finding the corresponding URL from the UI, as far as I know we don't have anything available to link to the correct UI screen just from the document reference number and for example documentTypes do not necessarily correspond to the same name.

For example:

supplierInvoice/creditadj/200029 would be ScreenId=AP301000&DocType=ACR&RefNbr=200029