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On Customer create/update, unable to set the billing/delivery address to 'same as main'

by ReinderReinders

In, there is a checkbox on the Customer screen (AR303000) to automatically set the billing or delivery address to 'Same as Main':


(the tab Delivery Settings is similar)


However, on the Customer/POST and Customer/PUT API calls, there is no way to supply this parameter.

This means that the  (new) Customers we supply ('we' is my company, our system that integrates with through the API) are invalid if we only supply a main address (occurs frequently in our business case), and need to be manually corrected in before they can be used, since a missing billing address raises a validation error. This is undesirable.

I would recommend identifying this as a bug and add the parameters BillToAddressSameAsMain (bool) and ShippingAddressSameAsMain (bool) to the Post/Put DTO.


Accepted solution
Magnus Johnsen

by Magnus Johnsen


The default behaviour of the "same as main" checks are that they are set to true:
2023-08-23 14_06_00-Customers - Brave.png

POST Customer:

    "number": {
        "value": "10009"
    "name": {
        "value": "TestChrck"
If you want this to be added to the DTO, we recommend that you create a post in the "Ideas" part of the forum.
Thank you.

There is an "Ideas" part of the forum?


OK, I will communicate this back to my stakeholder and request a re-test. Will post here if we can reproduce this behaviour and then accept the solution.

I can confirm, this was an implementation issue on our side. The API works correctly as Magnus reported above.