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Posting Supplier invoices with large number of lines

by andretvard (Updated ‎25-02-2021 16:53 by Yildirim VISMA )



When we make a post request (in Postman or directly in Swagger) to the SupplierInvoice endpoint ( with the invoice containing ca 1000 lines (attached JSON).

It takes 5-7 minutes to create the invoice.

We have similar solutions that post similar invoices in less than 2 minutes to other companies.


Is there a way to reduce the response time when creating invoices?

Is there a difference in response time between Test and Prod companies? What could be the reason the response time can differ so much between companies?

What could we do differently to make the request go faster?


Thank you!


by Yildirim

Hello Andre, as Magnus mentioned, recommended way would be dividing your request into chunks, such as 250 - 500 Line per request. [Initial POST then PUT (Insert Invoice Lines) ]

Can you also please send your CompanyID & Name and  the API Client ID used in your integration ? In this way we can check our logs to see if there is anything related to the servers. Thanks. <>


by andretvard

We will do as you suggested as  it was our initial idea too.

Thank you for help!

Accepted solution
Magnus Johnsen

by Magnus Johnsen


We would recommend splitting up the invoice in maximum 500 lines and the PUT the rest of the lines in batches of max 500 until all lines have been added.

As to why it differs between companies, it's hard for us to say exactly what it is, we could guess that the operations in the UI take longer for them in the same way. This might be something that the customer should talk to the ERP support about if it is true. 


There is no actual difference between a test company in Financials and a live company.