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Set subaccount for some segments without touching other segments

by Eirik Morken - Proplan AS

Greetings 😁

When using a put on any subaccount e.g. through controller/api/v1/customerinvoice/{invoiceNumber}

there seems to be no apparent way of setting just some of the segments of a sub-account.


Lets say we have three segments 1,2 and 3. Which already exist with standard values 123, 000 and 0.

Is there any way to use the API to set segment 2 and 3 to a specific value without touching the already existing value of 123 in segment 1? 

When we only specify segment 2 and 3 in the PUT the segment 1 gets set to null/blank, which is not what we want 🙂 It seems to be an unnecessary complex operation to extract the existing values we want to keep and then combine them with the new values in order to successfully set a sub-account.


by Magnus Johnsen


There is currently no way of doing this in Financials API.

If this is functionality you need, we recommend that you create a post in the "Ideas" part of the forum.

Please describe the business need as much as possible.

Thank you.