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TX-error The document status is invalid for processing on CustomerInvoices

by KonsultVn



Several of our customer from time to time experience the problem with customer invoices being created via API in a wrong way. We do not get any errors during the creation but during the release of invoices we get the error message "VAT error: The document status is invalid for processing."

In the client we get the similar message "TX-error: The document status is invalid for processing."


Our support first reported this error to Visma as a error ticket but from there we were forward here instead.




According to our customers during the release of the invoices the batches get released despite the invoice not being released, so in order to fix the problem many manual operations need to be performed to roll back all the partial changes.


We do not have any ipp-request-id or other details about the calls. At the moment we are not completely sure if the error occurs at the update or the release call, most probably it happens during the release call. We are going to start logging all the info in order to catch the details.


But maybe you have some ideas about what this problem can mean? Did you see it before? Is there any known cause or solution?


We have several examples in customer databases and they agree that you can take a copy of databases if you need to.


Thanks for help!


Thank you


by Magnus Johnsen



We are unable to reproduce this in our local tests, but we know that on the ERP side this has been happening at least since 2016.

It looks like the invoice database entries have been corrupted and the status is set to released even though it should not be, previously this has been solved by running scripts.


To be able to properly troubleshoot this from an API view-point, we would need the JSON and ipp-company-id for the invoices that end up with these incorrect statuses. 


We will open a case with the developers while we wait for this information from you and will inform you as soon as we have any information. 




Have you been able to collect a JSON where this issue occurs or has it not happened yet?