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customize customerinvoiceID

by TobiasJ

Can I create customerinvoices with my own IDs ? I cant find any field for this in the API - if I can do this, how can i do it ?

Accepted solution
Magnus Johnsen

by Magnus Johnsen (Updated ‎23-09-2021 10:38 by Magnus Johnsen VISMA )


First you need to setup the number series(ScreenId=CS201010) for customerInvoice and either tick:

2021-09-23 10_31_47-Number series - Brave.png

- Manual Numbering: This forces you to always set a reference number, even in the UI. You do this with the "referenceNumber" field.

Works on both v1 & v2


- Allow for manual numbering on import: This allows you to specify a reference number that does not follow the number series that is automatically applied. To use this, you need to set the field "overrideNumberSeries" to true and then set your "referenceNumber".

Please note that this function only works on the V2/customerInvoice.