Include VAT2 in EDS report

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I have generated a VAT report (XML) for EDS. When I upload it everything is correctly and I get no errors. I do however get a warning.


I have a value, let's say 500 in box 48-2 in EDS (Transactions carried out in other countries). This gives a warning from EDS that "VAT 2: Overview of supplies of goods and services rendered in the territory of the European Union" has to be supplied.


In the VAT statement I can add VAT1-I, VAT1-II and VAT1-III and VAT 7, but not VAT2.


The amount from VAT2 is included in the overview report correctly, but the VAT2 statement itself is nowhere to be found.


The client card is a Swedish company with a valid VAT number and VAT category is set to E (Eksports) in the "Klients - view".


In the invoice I have one line item. I have the VAT rate set to "B" which is 0 %. I have also checked "VAT included in the accounting amount". The "Transaction place" is set to "Services inside EU (P)". The invcoice total shows up the "Taxable" field and the VAT category overall is set to E (Eksports) which has a 0 % rate.


What am I doing wrong? I guess I can manually create the VAT2 annex, but it would be better if the program generated everything.




autors marc2

 Is there any way to import all invoices automatically as for the Annex VAT-1?


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Superb, now I get no errors at all except for the bank account number. Maybe this can be added in Visma as well?


Do you happen to know how to select the codes as well?


S - transactions referred to in Section 16, Paragraph four of the Law
P - services
G - goods (not used for transactions declared with code “E” or code “N”)
C - delivery of goods in accordance with Section 45, Paragraph five of the Law
E - shipment of goods (E1)
E - Return of goods (E2)
E - Replacement of the original consignee (E3)
E - partial replacement of the original consignee (E4)
N - delivery of goods in the territory of the European Union at the moment specified in Section 31.1 of the Law, if the delivery of goods to a warehouse in another Member State is performed


If we buy/sell physical goods within the EU do we select G, C, E or N?

Accepted solution

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Jāizveido attiecīgā perioda atskaite un jāielasa dati. Horizon automātiski izveidoto atskaiti pievienos PVN deklarācijas xml failam

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