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Misleading error message: "The unit conversion is missing" for inactive products on orderline

by Trygve Storrønningen1 (Updated ‎02-02-2021 13:24 by Yıldırım VISMA )
Status: In backlog

This is an old one, but we still get "The unit conversion is missing" when posting an order with an orderline with a product someone has changed to inactive. 

Can we please get an error message relevant to the actual cause? 🙂



by Trygve Storrønningen1

Also, the error message is not pointing to which order line(s) which is wrong.


More precise error message makes it more possible for us to help the end customer -- in this case we wish to give the customer possibility to correct the failing order, and then try re-exporting.

Todays error message is just as precise as "Something went wrong" -- with 40-50 or more order lines; there is a lot of manual work for the end customer to look for what actually went wrong -- and which orderline(s).

by Magnus Johnsen


A case has been opened with the developers. The progress will be posted here. 

by Magnus Johnsen


This request of a larger set of improvements aimed at the salesOrder endpoint, that will be under development this year.

As of today, we can't say when this will be implemented, we urge you to keep updated about the changes to salesOrder endpoint via our release notes in the news section of the forum.


Thank you.