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Webhook notification system is available at With this feature, Visma Cloud Services Status page can send notifications via webhooks when there are incidents & scheduled maintenance or status update on a component status. Webhooks contain information about the Product / Component / Status these changed. We would highly appreciate your feedback about this feature, so please feel free to inform us after implementing this. How to enable webhook notifications ? After navigating to the, please follow the steps shown below respectively. Immediately afterwards, you'll receive an email from "" that is informing you about Webhook subscription confirmation. If Status.Visma is unable to communicate with your Http listener domain, it will be sending you another email as a warning.   For further information please see the following articles.  What is a component? Enable webhook notifications (JSON Schema)
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18-12-2020 15:03 (Updated 13-11-2023)
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Using webhooks can significantly improve the performance of your integration. With webhooks you can subscribe to changes and actions that happens in and trigger functionality in your application.  This article explains how webhooks works, and how you can implement this.
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22-01-2020 15:52 (Updated 07-06-2021)
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Have you ever wanted to add a button in one of the ERP screens that allows the user to call custom functionality you have made? By combining the the feature Automation Actions and Webhooks you can. This article shows you how you can create a custom action that will be visible under the Actions toolbar item, and how you can connect this to your custom logic using webhooks.
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20-10-2020 12:13 (Updated 02-02-2021)
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