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Invoices in eAccounting API

24-05-2019 13:56 (Updated 06-06-2019)
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The API can be used to create invoices, by using one of the two endpoints presented below.


The “Customerinvoices” endpoint takes advantage of the Sales module in eAccounting.

This works the same as going through the below steps:

Sales - Sales invoices - New sales invoice

With this endpoint, you have the option to:

  • Credit
  • Void
  • Send reminders
  • Register payments from foreign customers and currencies
  • Record as doubtful (loss)


The “CustomerLedgeritems” endpoint takes advantage of the Voucher creation function, normally handled via:

Accounting - Journal entries - New journal entry

With this endpoint, you have the option to:

  • Record several invoices in one POST request
  • Dutch users also have the option to register ledger items, from German/EUR customers
  • (NOT possible to do the things mentioned for the CustomerInvoices endpoint)


by Mrfaann

This is a great overview of the API capabilities for handling invoices and ledger items in eAccounting. I appreciate the clear breakdown of what each endpoint can achieve. The ability to manage credits, voids, and reminders through the "Customerinvoices" endpoint is particularly useful. Also, the option to handle foreign currencies and record doubtful payments adds a lot of flexibility.

For the "CustomerLedgeritems" endpoint, it's helpful to know that we can record multiple invoices in one POST request, especially for Dutch users dealing with German/EUR customers. It's important to note the limitations compared to the "Customerinvoices" endpoint, ensuring we use each endpoint to its fullest potential. Thanks for the detailed explanation!

by Mrfaann

these enhancements in the API will undoubtedly streamline accounting processes, reduce manual invoice entry, and improve accuracy. Thanks for the detailed explanation and for making these tools accessible for efficient financial management!