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Getting started with the first neXtGen service: ERP Sales Order API

by Yıldırım (Updated ‎24-01-2023 11:40 by Yıldırım VISMA )


Visma is continuously improving ERP. Step-by-step, we are building and launching our brand new state-of-the-art microservice architecture that will allow us to continue our growth with even better performance and usability. We call it the neXt generation ERP. The first service which will be made available is the ERP Sales Order Service.



Our main goals for moving to new architecture are improved performance, usability, maintainability, 100% automated quality assurance and make it even easier to start creating integrations to our ERP solution. In addition, it is a goal for us to be able to add new features even more frequently in the future.


Can I use the new service together with existing integrations?

Yes! You can create or read a sales order in the new Service and continue to work with it from either UI or the existing Sales Order endpoints. The new and existing API endpoints (or front-end) can be used in parallel.

Will there be a new front-end?

We started the work on the new ERP Sales Order service with the “API first” approach. We aim to build a new front-end using state-of-the-art technology on top of the new API. Our UX team has interviewed users (customers and partners) and they have designed a suggestion for a new front end.



Currently, we only support the basic functionality for creating and reading a Sales Order in the new ERP Sales Order Service. This is the first delivery, and we aim to add functionality step by step (which we will make available for you) until we have completely aligned regarding functionality in the new Sales Order service vs the monolith.


First version supports (all required fields will be set in the background):

  • Create a sales order of order type SO(or own order type using SO as template) containing header information and non-stock or stock lines
  • Orders in the currency of the company’s base currency
  • VAT calculation support on both document and line level
  • Unit price, including sales price lists and default prices (not including discounts codes)
  • Account and subaccount


Current planned upcoming versions (changes might occur):

  • Notes on lines and document
  • Orders in different currencies
  • Full discount hierarchy support on document and line level
  • Customer prices; own endpoint for price calculation, possibility to get end price(price for customer and item after discounts)
  • Inventory availability
  • Update existing sales order


We will continue this journey with frequent updates until all functionality is in place corresponding with existing Sales Order API endpoints.


Why do we make the new service available when it’s not supporting all functionality?

Many of the existing integrations do not use all functionality. We aim to make frequent updates to the new service where we add more functionality on a weekly, monthly (or bi-monthly) basis, depending on the complexity of the current functionality we work on. 

Why should you care?

We would like to involve you (the ISV’s) to ensure we are moving in the right direction, and we would appreciate your feedback during this journey, enabling you to help shape the neXtGen APIs.


Getting started guide can be found here.