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[Release Notes] - Sales Order Service API

by apiUserVismanetDev (Updated ‎28-03-2022 12:06 by TGB )

We have deployed a new version of the Sales Order Service API to production containing under the hood stuff to improve the quality and prepare for the future in additon to:


Release notes Description
Customer location not set when using GLN in POST Previously the customer location of the order was not set correctly when using GLN in POST to set the customer and customer location for the order. This has now been fixed.
Try out the API using swagger documentation We've improved the swagger documentation to provide possibility to authorize with the authentication token endpoint from within the API documentation.
Update of swagger description for External link We have updated the description for the External link field to better describe the purpose of the field.
Sales account not set correctly Previous the sales account was always picked based on the Export type set in the default customer location. This is now fixed, so that the sales account is picked based on the Export type set in the customer location selected for the order.



If you are new to the neXtGen services, please look at the Getting started with the first neXtGen service: ERP Sales Order API for an introduction.