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Help Financials API updates for version 8.80.0 (January 2022)

by Yıldırım (Updated ‎14-01-2022 14:27 by Yıldırım VISMA )

Release date for 8.80.0 version has been planned as 18/01/2022.
Release plan & date may vary. We will keep you informed of any changes. This thread will be updated regularly up until the point of version-release

Release Notes Documentation

Support for field "Emailed" in SalesOrder endpoint

The "Emailed" field is now supported in POST, PUT and GET SalesOrder, enabling integrators to update a specific sales order to reflect email communication with the customer regarding this sales order in any external system.

"CustomerVATZone" overriden when "soShippingAddress" was included in POST for SalesOrder endpoint

Earlier, the "CustomerVATZone" was overridden for the SalesOrder endpoint for versions V1 and V2 when "soShippingAddress" was included in the JSON string for POST. This has now been fixed.

Breaking changes on Budget endpoint

From January 18th 2022, the following breaking changes will be committed on GET method of the Budget endpoint:
 - The Branch and Ledger filters will become mandatory. Now they are specified to be mandatory by documentation, but it is not enforced by implementation.
 - The FinancialYear filter will become mandatory
 - Now, the branch filter requires being specified either by branch full name (example: BranchID - BranchName), or by branch ID surrounded by quotation marks. It will be simplified to require the branch ID without any other marks.


Due dates for breaking changes

Release Notes Documentation Due

Breaking change on JournalTransaction endpoint

 The POST methods /api/v2/journaltransaction/{journalTransactionNumber}/attachment and /api/v2/journaltransaction/{journalTransactionNumber}/{lineNumber}/attachment are deprecated and will be removed on February 28th 2022. Start using the new methods:
 - POST /api/v2/journaltransaction/module/{module}/{journalTransactionNumber}/attachment
 - POST /api/v2/journaltransaction/module/{module}/{journalTransactionNumber}/{lineNumber}/attachment
Feb 28, 2022