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Help Financials API updates for version 9.00.0 (June 2022)

by Yıldırım

Release date for 9.00.0 version has been planned as  07/06/2022
Release plan & date may vary. We will keep you informed of any changes. This thread will be updated regularly up until the point of version-release.


Release Notes Documentation

Performance of Branch API improved

The API for Branch has been changed so that it is possible to select fewer data in the result set and by that get better performance.

The following flags are implemented with True/False
            expandBankSettings (old)

Their default value will be true until 13th of September 2022 and after that they will be turned to false.

The "Order by" in this endpoint was by BranchCD by default, and since this is relaying on the code behind, it has been changed to a dropdown containing orderBy options (Id, Number, Name, OrganizationId, LastModifiedDateTime).

Pagination has been removed from this endpoint, as it has been marked as obsolete for two years.


Due dates for breaking changes

Release Notes Documentation Due

Breaking change on Branch endpoint

The following flags on Branch endpoint will be set to false by default starting 13 of September 2022:
 - expandAddress
 - expandContact
 - expandCurrency
 - expandVatZone
 - expandLedger
 - expandIndustryCode
 - expandDeliveryAddress
 - expandDeliveryContact
 - expandDefaultCountry
Sep 13, 2022

Breaking change on Inventory endpoint for GET operation - better error handling

In the current solution, if you try to filter on an attribute on inventory which does not exist, you get an empty JSON response.
So, if you have misspelled or are trying to filter on an attribute that does not exist, you will not get any indication about this.

From version 9.01.0, the system will return 400 Bad Request for this operation, and gives an error message that the value you are trying to filter on does not exist.
{"message":"Attribute 'ACTIVE' not found"}
Jun 14, 2022

Planned removal of Sales Order API endpoints

A number of Sales Order API endpoints will be removed as a part of the transition to the next generation ERP.

The following API endpoints will be removed:
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}/rotrut
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}/commissions
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{saleOrderNumber}/action/cancelSalesOrder
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{salesOrderNumber}/action/reopenSalesOrder
PUT /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderType}/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic
PUT /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderNbr}
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorderbasic
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder/{saleOrderNumber}/action/cancelSalesOrder
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder/{salesOrderNumber}/action/reopenSalesOrder

All functionality currently missing in the new Sales Order Service API will be added before these endpoints are removed. The list of affected endpoints will also be extended, so pay attention to future updates.

For more information on how to use the ERP Sales Order Service, please visit:

Swagger for
Jun 01, 2023