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Article Updates

(updated by Jesper Kindblad VISMA ‎26-02-2020 15:04 )

eAccounting has been extended with some article updates and additions. They are all related to stock and stock handling. There's a few updates to the API related to this aswell:



  • added property IsStock on v2/articles
  • added property StockLocationReference on v2/articles
  • added property FreightCosts on v2/articles
  • added property FreightCostsManuallyChangedUtc on v2/articles
  • added property UpdateStockPrices on v2/articles
  • added property Barcodes on v2/articles
  • added property StockValue on v2/articles
  • added Stock module as a part of the ActivatedModules property on v2/companysettings

Read more about these at the API Reference