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Important information: API changes in Visma eAccounting (Norway)

by krzysztofbrozek (Updated ‎28-02-2020 09:25 by krzysztofbrozek VISMA )

From 1st of April, API access will be removed from two of our Visma eAccounting variants. Those variants are: Visma eAccounting Start and Visma eAccounting Klient (only accessible for accounting offices). This means users with these variants will no longer be able to transfer data between your solution and Visma eAccounting. The best option for the users is to upgrade to another variant, Visma eAccounting Smart. This variant is the most common one, and supports API integrations. Information will be sent to all affected users with information on this matter. They will be informed on how to upgrade and the consequences if they don’t. Good news is that we have very few users on these variants using API - so we don’t see that this will cause any challenges. 

What we want from you is to:

·     Inform colleagues working with integration to Visma eAccounting 

·     Make sure your documentation is updated 

If you have integrations to Visma eAccounting in other countries, please note that this only affects Visma eAccounting Norway. 

If you’re solution is a typical solution for accounting offices (eg. year end, reporting, audit) you will not be affected by this. These solutions will be “whitelisted” so our accounting offices still can access these integrations in cooperation with clients - no matter what variant their client use. 

Please contact us if you have any questions