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Improvements Learning API: New endpoints for uploading other type of documents We have added new endpoints for the following document types: certificate / Certificaat diploma / Diploma career agreement / Loopbaan afspraak career mail / Correspondentie loopbaan career other / Overige loonbaan documenten appraisal Review / Beoordelingsgesprek performance Review / Functioneringsgesprek  To use these endpoints, the document type needs to be activated in the personal file system (authorisation & configuration Personal file system). All these endpoint are available as version 1.1. See here for more information   Solved issues SIVI API : Postal code in uppercase and without spaces In HR Core Beaufort it is possible to store the postal code in different formats.  For instance with spaces  (1234 AB) or in lower case (1234 ab). The Sivi standard requires a fixed format without spaces and in uppercase (1234AB).  Note: The API will not change the postal code if it's invalid or doesn't exists.      The issue is solved
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