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API Developer Portal 2020-02

28-01-2020 13:04
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IAM API (users) documentation on the developer portal


We released the IAM API in the previous release. The general documentation was already available on the developer portal. The part that missing was how the users end-point could be used. This new section in the developer portal describes this and allows a developer to find the necessary documentation. In the near future the section IAM API and IAM API(users) will be merged into one section.


Please visit https://developers.raet.com, on this page to go to the section API library and here you will find the section IAM API (users). 


Extended time out on HR Core business base API


Using the HR Core business base API we see that the use cases are growing and with it, the size and complexity of the requests are increasing. We now updated the time out to make sure that these calls can be supported and do not result in a time out for the user.


Within the service gateway, we control the settings for each API and here we increased the time out to 2 minutes

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There is no action necessary, this time out is automatically updated for all users

Publishing Date : 1/28/2020