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API Developer Portal 2020-03

25-02-2020 16:15
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Developer portal documentation on the community


We want to improve the developer experience and improve the way we can update documentation on APIs. This is why we started to move the developer portal to the community. At this time all documentation can be found in the community and everyone with access to this environment can request access to the developer section.


Please go to: https://community.raet.com/developers/

Developer portal documentation updated (IAM (users))


Although we are moving the developer portal to the community, we also want the existing developers portal to be up to date. One of the sections missing was the documentation about the users end-point within the IAM domain. This documentation is now added and available in the portal.


Please go to: https://developers.raet.com 


Error response on spike-arrest and quota


When hitting the spike-arrest or quota on the API up until now the response was a generic 500 response. It was unclear for you what was going on. We have improved this and when hitting these limits you will now get a proper 429 error response.

Improved error response on 501 error


The 501 error was not following our standards, we now improved the response body based our standards.

Publishing Date : 2/25/2020