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API Developer Portal 2020-04-06

06-04-2020 21:19 (Bijgewerkt op 28-01-2022)
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Release on April 6, 2020, 18:00 CET

Documentation of APIs


In order to improve the accessibility and maintainability of the documentation of APIs, we will place the documentation in the Visma | Raet community. The links in the developer portal will now bring you to this page https://community.raet.com/developers


The buttons "Learn" and "API Library" will now link to the pages on the community where the existing and more extensive information about our APIs can be found


Visual improvements


The developer portal is upgraded and we are moving into the Visma styling. We did a first step in making the developer portal a modern place to manage your APIs 


If you go to https://developers.youforce.com or https://developers.raet.com you will end up in the improved developer portal. All existing functionality is there for you to start building APIs

Documentation on the community


We moved the documentation away from the portal in order to have a central place for our users to have release notes, API documentation and other information available. All documentation can now be found in the community. This also allows others to read this documentation without having to be a developer.


Please visit https://community.raet.com/developers or click the buttons "Learn" and "API Library" on the developer portal

Publishing Date : 4/6/2020