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API Developer Portal 2020-04

20-03-2020 18:31
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Modified and improved

Spike arrest for authentication end-points


In order to prevent that the authentication end-point is no longer available for others - due to overloading by one implementation - it will be protected with spike-arrest. This means that more then 100 requests per minute will be respond to a 429 error code.


No action is needed from the developer. This response will be automatic and should not have any impact as the token is valid for 2 hours

Solved Messages

The API sandbox for the HR Core Business Base API was not returning data


The people end-point is not returning data using the API sandbox


A new version of the sandbox is released. The connection between the gateway and the back-end is restored. All configurations have been checked and automated tests are now in place to prevent this from happening in the future.

Your action

If you were using the sandbox for testing in the past it is now operational again.

Publishing Date : 3/20/2020