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Youforce Portal 2019-06 EN

28-05-2019 17:15 (Bijgewerkt op 28-01-2022)
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This document describes the new functionality and improvements introduced by this release. Some of these changes have been inspired by messages and reports from customers. Where relevant, we have included a number in the section title to refer to the identification of the message (change .....) in question in our system.

General information

This document contains important additional information for the Youforce Portal release on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

Improved and modified

IBU client version 3.9.5 available


We have released a new version of IBU client to improve stability. Please install this version no later than 31 August 2019. After this date the old IBU versions won't work properly.


This new version 3.9.5 of IBU client will be available on June 5. You need this software to exchange files with the Youforce Send & Receive application. You can download the new version via the news publication on Youforce Portal (see News or Publications | Youforce). Even if you are already working with another version of IBU, we strongly advise you to replace it with version 3.9.5 on all your devices, as this is the most stable version. Most reports about incorrectly exchanged files are caused by the use of older IBU versions.See also the IBU manual available in Youforce | Publications | Youforce (News item: Send & Receive - New IBU version and manual)

Your action

IMPORTANT: Please install this version no later than 31 August 2019. After this date this old IBU versions won't perform properly.

Differentiate the status description when files have status 3 or 12.


From client version 3.5 on, the IBU client uses a temporary directory for downloading files. While receiving files, the data is written to this temporary directory and the status changes to Verwerkt (Processed). Only when the complete file has been received will it be copied to the final destination directory, after which the temporary file will be deleted. The status ID is then changed internally, but the status description remains the same: Verwerkt.
In the Send & Receive Logbook page, both statuses will read Verwerkt. As a result of this, you will not be able to see whether or not files have been placed in the final destination directory.


The first status description has been changed from Verwerkt to Controleer.

Note: We have also added a new Disclaimer to the Send & Settings page.
If you only see the value Controleer, you are not using the latest version of IBU. We strongly recommend that you replace it with the latest version: 3.9.5. 

Allowed IBU file masks for sending files updated


IBU file masks for sending files are used to validate that files that are going to be uploaded have the correct name.
The file masks configured in the IBU modules below are too generic. For security reasons, masks need to be more specific.


Allowed file masks for sending files have been updated for the following IBU Modules:

IBU Module

Module Name

Old File Masks

New File Masks


RPE Online


*.csv *.dat *.db *.txt *.xls *.xlsx *.xnf *.xpf


Zenden naar Hosted BO4


*.7z *.csv *.dat *.doc *.docx *.dotx *.frm *.har *.log *.mon *.pdf *.pfx *.prn *.rar *.rtf *.tru *.txt *.xls *.xlsx *.xml *.zip 


Zenden naar Hosted BO4 RPSA


*.csv *.dat *.msg *.pdf *.pfx *.prt *.txt *.xls *.xlsm *.xlsx *.xml *.zip




*.csv *.sha512 *.txt *.xml *.xnf *.zip    

Please see the appendix "Allowed file masks for sending files" in the IBU Manual for additional information. This manual will be published on June 5.


Files that are recognized as unusable by the selected application (based on the file mask) are not sent and are not deleted from the source folder. In case none of the files in the source folder satisfies the mask, the below status 102 message will be shown in Send/Receive. If you receive this message, check if the correct files are in the folder.Be aware that no warning will be issued if only part of the files satisfies the file mask. 

Publishing Date : 6/3/2019