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Youforce Portal 2020-07 EN

23-06-2020 19:27 (Bijgewerkt op 28-01-2022)
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Solved Changes

Medical Leave Management tasks are not properly sorted in My Tasks panel (change #542883)


From 2017 on, tasks from Medical Leave Management are presented to the responsible manager in the Tasks panel on the Youforce Portal Desktop. Per module and task type, the tasks for the manager should be listed in ascending order of deadlines, the earliest date on top. The ordering should be identical to the one used in the Medical Leave Management application itself. However, this is not the case. In the Tasks panel the ordering appears to be random. 


After this release, the tasks from Medical Leave Management will be properly sorted.

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Default tabs in the portal menu bar not logical and not desired (change #428942)


When new user accounts are created after an import from HR Core into the Youforce portal, the new users can access the Youforce employee/manager portal. On the desktop of Youforce, they will find tiles for all modules they are authorized to use. In most cases, some of these tiles have preset tabs in the portal menu bar on top. They allow the user to work in several modules in parallel, The individual users can add and rearrange menu bar tabs via the My Settings page, option Menu Bar. Finally, their desktop and menu bar could look like this:

However, the default tabs displayed for new users, have come to be considered as inconvenient. The preset tabs did not correspond to the most often used modules. 


For us, it is difficult to predict which modules are favored. So the preset tabs have been minimized. After the change the only default tabs are:

  • Home: the new Home landing page for HR Core Beaufort online customers.

  • Proforma Lite: a modest salary calculator app which is freely available for all customers

Note that the default tabs will only show for users of companies that are authorized for Home or Proforma Lite. Without authorization, the menu bar may be empty initially. Of course, users can still add, arrange and delete tabs. Finally note that the preset tabs on the professional Youforce portal are different from the ones on the manager and employee portal, and they can also be changed by the user independently of each other.

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Publishing Date : 6/23/2020