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Error creating document. Error: TaxCategoryID '0' cannot be found in the system.

by AntonZ


We have an issue related to creating interest/fee vouchers in Visma.NET (see how we create interest/fee vouchers here:

This error we are getting is account specific, as it works fine for some of our customers, but does not work for others. 

We suspect its some setting in our customers Visma.NET accounts that isnt active or correctly configured that causes the error, but we havent been able to figure it out. 

Here is the error message we get: 

{"message":"VismaId: f948dfa5-350c-49c7-bdf9-5e40729a2804. Error creating document. Error: TaxCategoryID '0' cannot be found in the system."}

So the question is: 
1. How should Visma.NET accounts be set up for our export to work properly 
2. Is there anything we can do programatically to be able to export without customers having to change their Visma.NET configuration? 


by Magnus Johnsen


Could you please send us the full JSON that you are posting?

This error seems to point to issues in the setup of the VATId, on these customers when you call the VAT endpoint, is the TaxCategoryID '0' available?

Thank you.