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Kjetil Ringstad

Purchase receipts not being released even if the call returns OK

by Kjetil Ringstad


For companyId 2714498 several purchase receipts are not released, even if the call returns 200 OK.




This occured at 10.08.20 10:30:31


Several other purchase receipts are also experiencing this.


Can you please advise us why this happens?

Many receipts were released Ok, but several were not - despite 200 Ok being the response.



by Magnus Johnsen



In the current solution, the release actions for PurchaseReceipt, and other endpoints works by starting the process as a background work, in the same way as when pressing "release" in the UI. As such, if the release actions fails, there will currently not be any error message returned.


There is currently a case in the backlog for implementing an error when the release fails, we will provide more information when the development team has provided us with more information/decided on a date this will be included.


Thank you.

Margarita G

Hi, at this moment do you havean estimated date to fix this issue?  




Margarita Guerrero


As mentioned above, this endpoint only mentions that the process has started. 

Regarding an implementation to return error on failed release, we don't have a timeframe to share as of now.

Florian Haase

That's the same problem as in my topic "Placing POReceipts on SupplierInvoice"


Would it be possible to place this as an Idea? That the API should first return a 200 when the process is finished? Polling the API until the status is updated is surely a technical possible solution, but that is maybe not a good implementation I think?




There is a case in the backlog for this, however we don't have any influence over when the implementation will be done, as soon as we here anything we'll inform you.