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Some questions about Webhook/notification and possible failures

by Timo_O



What kind of error events rise up at '/resources/v1/notification/failed' endpoint?


I set by mistake an erronous "hookUri" in the Subscription. In the UI 'webhook' -tab I can see that the notification is sent ( or tried to sent?), but this notification did not rise up in the '/resources/v1/notification/failed' endpoint.


I think the situation is same if the "hookUri" - 'service endpoint' is down for some reason, for example because of maintenance .


Is there a list of 'http response statuses' which will rise up in Vismanet   '/resources/v1/notification/failed' endpoint?


Should failures appear in the UI  'webhook' -tab some way?


Does retry to send a failed notification,  or does it sent notification only once?


Wbr, Timo


What kind of events rise up at /resources/v1/notification/failed endpoint?


If the target service given in subscription is downappearing at this Ticket Point

Accepted solution

by Yıldırım

Hello Timo, 


Currently, Webhook Notification retry mechanism is disabled due to ongoing scalability testing therefore "/notification/failed" endpoint does not log these failed attempts. 

It will be back to normal once it's fixed. Such as checking registered hook_uri > attempts to deliver > if it fails, trying up to 5 times >  if it's still not delivered then log the notification so that can be fetched via  "/notification/failed" endpoint. 

@Timo_O wrote:

Should failures appear in the UI  'webhook' -tab some way?

Webhook Notification Tab in the UI states that notification has been sent out from ERP side to Visma.Net Integration Servers (responsible for distributing that to the clients) so since Retry Mechanism and Failed Notification control established in VNI side, UI tab won't be prompting those details. 

We are working on getting this fixed so this will continue working as intended. We will provide further updates when they are available.


by Timo_O

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