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Creating vouchers with a custom VoucherType, not SieImport

by Anonymous (Updated ‎20-12-2019 11:30 ( )

Hi all!


I have been sitting with the Visma EAccounting API as part of an internal integration project and seem to have found an undocumented limitation; it's only possible to create vouchers of type , SieImport=9. Setting the VoucherType field to anything else when creating a new voucher, by posting to `/v2/vouchers`, seems to be ignored and the resulting Voucher always has voucherType=SieImport set.


Another goal of this integration is to provide our employees with a "voucher recommendation", in the same way as they are able create a voucher confirming a paid invoice by pressing a button in the BankTransactions tab. ("Bankhändelser" in Swedish)


Are any of these functions possible, setting a different voucher type or allowing our employees to use Visma EA to confirm the creation of these vouchers, instead of requiring a separate interface for this functionality?


Thanks in advance!

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by Anonymous (Updated ‎20-12-2019 11:31 ( )


Thanks for finding this and notifying us about it!

We tried it out and it seems to be a bug.


We have contacted the developers about it and will keep you updated.

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by Anonymous

Thank you Anour! Hopefully my initial issue should be solved before long then.


Am still wondering if it is possible to create invoice "recommendations" which a bookkeeper can just confirm/deny instead of having them enter the information manually? We need to prove that the automation works in the long run before it can be integrate it fully. We are also hoping that we won't need to setup a different service to handle this type of manual conformation.

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by Anonymous

Hi Kassor,

We looked at this "vouchertype" thing and it seems that when we create it via the API it is always set to "Sieimport", and the other types are used by the other modules inside of the eAccounting.

(Our developers confirmed this)


Unfortunately, we can not set them ourselves, it is more a tag the backend sets than a flag that we label it with.


I hope this made sense!




Regarding your other question, I do not understand what you mean with "recommendation".

I would like to ask you to start a new thread (because as I understood it is a new topic) and explain it some more there, and we will do our best to answer it.