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question : why in visma e accounting -there is no option to print Suppliers invoice list ?

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in the reporting possibilities, you can print a report of all your SALES invoices between dates..

but, the same option is not available for purchases...only non paid purchases list is possible..

any specific reason for this ? or any way to go around it to print a proper purchase invoice list to

present to Non-accountants people, that they can understand, without us working hours on excel to show them?

if we are already in this - why is the software there is no possibility to print or export on a query?

For example- i can display all purchases between dates, but i cannot export it to excel or pdf...

thank you




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i am walking this topic again, this solution above is nice but too heavy to be a workable solution, is there is any way to export the data 

lets say from "PURCHASING-PURCHASE INVOICE- ALL INVOICES? there we can limit the dates but we cannot print...

it is nearly impossible to work otherwise.....we have really a need for this option- to print purchase invoice, by a period with suppliers name- amount/vat currency .....we are suffering....

door Remko Gerritsen (Bijgewerkt ‎14-09-2021 15:48 door Remko Gerritsen VISMA )

Thank you for the signal. We shall link your request to the 'wish' for our R&D department.


Workaround: Via Settings - Company settings - Accounting settings at the right you have the list of Journal series.
Our advice is to use a separate letter in the field Purchase invoices, Save.


Accounting settings - Journal series.png


Thereafter click on the Reports icon and select Journal entries list.

Reports - journal entries list.png
In the field, Sort by select Purchase invoices. Use the arrow behind the green button View for creating a .pdf or .csv file.


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door ofer

Long time since my Original request , any sucsses with creating a simple report of BILLS/PURCHASE INVOICES maybe ?

this options you offered is not workable -many thanks