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Expose "expand Inventory Summary by Lot/Serial Number" option & the fields via Inventory Summary API

by Yıldırım (Updated ‎21-06-2021 14:31 by Yıldırım VISMA )
Status: In backlog

In the screen for Inventory Summary (ScreenId=IN4010009) there is a checkbox to expand by Lot/Serial Number. This is not exposed in the InventorySummary endpoint, and neither are the fields for Lot/Serial Number or Expiration Date. Should be exposed via Inventory Summary Endpoint.



Should be exposed via the GET "Inventory Summary" Endpoint,

  • Expand by "Lot/Serial Number" Option
  • "Lot/Serial Number" & "Expiration Date" fields
by Yıldırım

Hello Community, could you please share your comments under this idea about how urgent and important this idea is for the ongoing integrations ? Thanks ! 

by Trygve Storrønningen1

This is not a priority for Gurusoft.

We have only one big priority, getting pagination to work on all endpoints again

But I guess Visma is very well aware of it 😉

- as I am using all occations to mention it since it stopped working in september 2020.


When this is fixed, we are ready to discuss next priority (but for us expanding by inventorysummari by lot/serial number would not be on the highest part of the list)

by Yıldırım

Hei Trygve, 


Absolutely, establishing the stabilization on pagination within the supported endpoints has the high priority.
As we know, currently pagination is not enforced on Inventory Endpoint due to sorting / TotalCount issue occurs when Attributes filter is used, but general usage should be fine. Otherwise, please also specify. 

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by Anonymous

Hi Yildirim,


It would be very nice if there is an options to get the available serialnumbers of the inventoryitem.

We want to validate the serialnumbers while moving the items to a new location.

Is there an other way to check te current serialnumbers of the inventoryitem?


It has a big priority for our scanprogram.



by Yıldırım

Hello Demi,
unfortunately there are no other resources available where we can potentially fetch the required information, therefore, we've emphasized that request has been repeated and looking forward to hearing development news so that we can publish here.


by Roland van Belle - Consolit

This issue has a very high prio for us.


We want the following info in our solution:

1. Stock per lot-/serialnumber on a specific location/warehouse

2. Total stock per lot-/serialnumber

3. Expirydate per lot-/serialnumber


Without this info our solution is not as strong as it can be! Please give this a very high prio for a next version of the API.

We look forward to the solution! Our customers can not understand why we can not give this information in our solution, while it is information in We can not explain why it is not available in the API.

by Roland van Belle - Consolit

We are urgently waiting for this functionality in the API.

Please can someone give us an update about this?


We now cannot give our customer the full inventory function in our solution.

by Roland van Belle - Consolit

Can somebody update us about this subject?

by Magnus Johnsen


This is still currently in the backlog.

If you have any concerns regarding the implementation time, please contact your partner service.

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by Anonymous

Lot/Serial Number missing in all API endpoints is definitely a showstopper for us and we must consider to unsubscribe Visma services.

by Roland van Belle - Consolit

We don't get any further planning for this major missing part of the inventory API.

Idea was from 10-02-2021 10:52! Almost open for 3 years now!



If you have any concerns regarding the implementation time, please contact your partner service.


I have my concerns. But I can not get any answers. Even not by contacting our partner service.

They get the same answers as me. NO ANSWERS or PLANNING.


Please take us seriously and give us a planning. Thanks!


Henrik Lilleør
by Henrik Lilleør



We have a customer who needs this feature. When do you expect it to be released in What does it mean that it is in backlog, and are you active working on adding it to the API calls?

by Roland van Belle - Consolit

I have got no reaction anymore about this issue (last sign of life 5-2022 > please go to your own partner).

We can not complete our product because of this (for two years now).


Our customers really don't understand the implementationtime of this any more.


Unfortunately I think there is no priority on logistics. We just have to wait and hope we don't lost the customers.