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Visma.Net Integrations - API Client Types & Configuration

29-10-2020 11:57 (Updated 29-10-2021)
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Visma.Net Integrations - API Client Configuration

In this document we will go through what needs to be done after you completed your Visma.Net Integration certification. 


The first thing you need to do to configure your API client is to set up a redirect_URI. 

Redirect URIs are a critical part of the OAuth flow. After a user successfully authorizes an application, the authorization server will redirect the user back to the application with an authorization code in the URL. Because the URL will contain sensitive information, it is critical that the service doesn’t redirect the user to arbitrary locations. 


Due to this, it is required to specify one or more redirect URIs when you register your integration with Visma.Net. For production, it is required that the provided URI is set up with HTTPS. 


When you have a redirect URI, this should be sent to your partner service in order to be able to get your Client_ID and Client_Secret. When this has been processed, you will receive an Activation email for your registration, the link to activate your Client_Id will be active for 5 days, so make sure to do this when the email is received:


pasted image 0.png


API client types

For Visma.Net there are two client types available, API “test client” and “production client” (also known as live)

Test Clients

All new API clients are generated as the type “Test”.

In the test client there is a limit to the allowed calls per hour, which is set 500 calls/hour/per company.


Production Clients

In the Production Client, the limit for calls  is ​15,000 calls / per hour & per company

(since version: 8.25)

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