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[Release Notes] - Visma.Net API 9.59.0 - 16.08.2023

by Yıldırım (Updated ‎16-08-2023 12:38 by Yıldırım VISMA )
Release Notes Documentation

New endpoint GET api/v2/PurchaseReceipt

New endpoint
GET api/v2/PurchaseReceipt with
higher performance than v1-endpoint is introduced

New endpoint GET api/v2/salesorder

New endpoint
GET api/v2/salesorder has been introduced.
This endpoint has a higher performance
than the v1 endpoint.

New endpoint for adding lines to an open shipment: 

 New endpoint for adding lines to an existing shipment: .../api/v1/shipment/{shipmentNumber}/action/addLine. With this, it is now possible to add new lines to open shipments. These lines are automatically added to the original sales order as well.

New endpoint /api/v1/
[shipmentLineNbr] introduced

You can delete a line that was added to
a shipment by mistake, by using the new endpoint api/v1/shipment/[shipmentNbr]/action/

POST SupplierInvoice “No access to branch”
error when service API was used

Earlier, when using Visma Service API token with
POST SupplierInvoice,
the error “No access to branch” was returned. This has now been fixed.

API - Due dates for breaking changes

Release Notes Documentation Due

Planned removal of VNI authentication method

We are planning to phase out VNI authentication method by the end of 2023.
ISVs should register their (existing) integrations in the Developer Portal and use Connect authentication instead before the stated end date.
Benefits of this change:
- One preferred method of authentication across ERP portfolio
- Better security using scopes
- Let customer be more in control (customer grants access explicitly)

More information for ISVs on how to migrate existing integrations and\or setup new integrations can be found in the international developer community:
Dec 31, 2023

Planned removal of Sales Order API endpoints

05.05.2023 - Due date is now changed. We plan to be functional complete by Q2-2024(30th of June 2024), thus new Due date being end of Q4-2024(31st of December 2024). If any change would occur for this, we will announce that as soon as possible,

22.03.2023 - This is now in consideration. New dates for the deadline will come.

A number of Sales Order API endpoints will be removed as a part of the transition to the next generation ERP.

The following API endpoints will be removed:
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}/rotrut
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}/commissions
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{saleOrderNumber}/action/cancelSalesOrder
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{salesOrderNumber}/action/reopenSalesOrder
PUT /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderType}/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic
PUT /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderNbr}
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorderbasic
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder/{saleOrderNumber}/action/cancelSalesOrder
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder/{salesOrderNumber}/action/reopenSalesOrder

All functionality currently missing in the new Sales Order Service API will be added before these endpoints are removed. The list of affected endpoints will also be extended, so pay attention to future updates.

For more information on how to use the ERP Sales Order Service, please visit:

Swagger for
Dec 31, 2024