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28-06-2019 10:09 (Sist oppdatert 03-07-2019)
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This usertip is aimed to help customers of Visma.net Expense. Click here to review the entire user tip guide. 

If you already have an activated account you can sign in at Visma.net Expense and change your email address/username yourself. 


Sign in with your existing username and password, if you happen to forget your password click here for guidance on how to change your password. 


Once you are signed in, click on your name in the top right corner and thereafter click My details.  

My details.PNG

  1. Look for the banner Account, and at the top right corner there should be a pencil. Click on the pencil and thereafter go to Change my email address.



2. Fill in with your current password and the new email address you wish to change to. Click Send validation email

bytte brukernavn.PNG

3. An email will be sent to the new email address, asking for your permission to complete the change of email addresses. Once this step is completed you can sign in with your new username, and the password remains unchanged. 


Important! Remember to inform your payroll executive that you have changed email addresses, that way they can update all other systems you use as well. 


Click here for an explanation on how your payroll executive can change this.

Did you get the help you needed? If not, click here to review the user tip guide for Visma.net Expense. 
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