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(updated by OliverSogn VISMA ‎28-06-2019 11:31 )
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This user tip is aimed to help customers of Visma.net Expense. Click here to review the entire user tip guide. 

Go to Expense | Home and click on the banner Mileage.  

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On this site you can register miles allowance with the following information:

  • Dates
  • Type of vehicle or driving in special locations
  • Driving distance
  • Travelling route - has to be written down with from and to address and description of which roads that you have driven to ensure control.
  • Purpose
  • Happenings with unforeseen diversions
  • Cost distribution for the miles allowance alone can be registered by clicking assign cost units. For the other options on the expense ticket you keep the same costs as you wrote at the first step.
  • Trailer can be marked off on the checkbox for driving with a "trailer".
  • Addendum from a GPS system, or other essential documentation from the drive.

Remember! Your company might have restrictions on what and what not you can register.


You can also connect the expenses to your mileage, go to the banner Expense or click on the green Next button at the bottom right corner. For a more detailed explanation on how to register an expense, go to the user tip How to register an expense


To be able to send a mileage for approval, please click on the green Next button at the bottom right corner or click on the banner Summary


For a step-by-step video on how to complete an expense, look here:

NB! This video is in Norwegian, but you can watch the process of how this is done.

Did you get the help you needed? If not, click here to review the user tip guide for Visma.net Expense.