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Release notes HR Core Business 2023-02 EN

19-01-2023 15:16
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New Tax Declaration from 2023 

It was already indicated in the January release that from 2023 we will make the sending of tax declaration files part of Payroll Business. For you as a customer, this means an entirely new way of handling and sending tax declaration data. This means that all teams are working hard to make this happen and that besides this new tax declaration we are not taking on any other issues, except for important changes.

Updates new Tax Declaration

We will keep you informed of the progress of the new tax declaration through the message Status nieuwe Loonaangifte Payroll Business (Status of new Payroll Business tax declaration). Subscribe to this post so you don't miss any updates.

Release sessions

In the release session of January 10, we informed you in detail about the new tax declaration. In the February Release session, which takes place on January 31, we will provide an update on the latest state of affairs. You can register for this via the link below. Release sessions are in Dutch.

Sign up for the Release session

You can register for February's Release session via the Visma YouServe community under EventsRelease sessie van februari.

Modified and improved

Leave balance


The Hours per period data element has been added to the Leave balance screen. This allows you to quickly see how many hours an employee works per period and check whether the leave balance is correct.


Employee > Leave > Leave balance 

In the Leave balance screen, you will now see the data element Hours per period at the top of the screen with the employee data. The number of hours you see is taken from the Employment contract screen.



No action is required.

Solved messages

Duplicate child data in system (change 4130490)


If changes to child data were offered from HR Self Service or new child data or contact persons were added, the data of existing children and contact persons were saved again. As a result, this data was duplicated in the system.


As of release 2023-02, we have updated the software so that this error no longer occurs.


If there are duplicate children or contacts in HR Core Business, we recommend removing them manually.