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Release notes HR Core Business 2023-05 EN

20-04-2023 15:58
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Modified and improved

New way to select elements in the Selection property HR screen


Because Management Information (MI) is being replaced by Your Data Service, we have modified the selection of elements in the Selection property HR screen as a preparation for this.


Settings > Data entry > Selection property HR

In the Selection property HR screen, choose Datafeed in het Selection property field; this is the only value. Then select the desired entity from the list in the Entity field.

Once you've chosen an entity, you can select all data elements that can be maintained with that entity to add to the Data Service.

The new search screen offers extensive options for searching data elements.




Group characteristic field

Only the Group characteristic field is not a search field, with this you indicate which group characteristic you want to link to a group of elements. If a group characteristic is linked to a group of data elements, these data elements will be bundled in a folder within the entity per group characteristic when the data service is exported.

More information can be found in the online help: Schermen en velden > Instellingen > Vastlegging >  Selectie eigenschap HR (Screens and fields > Settings > Data entry > Selection property HR).