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HR Core Business 2020-09 EN

21-08-2020 20:49 (Bijgewerkt op 31-01-2022)
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Unique Personal Id mandatory


As you will have read in previous release notes and in the interim update, the Unique Personal ID (UPI) will become mandatory. Initially, this will only apply to:

  • users of the new solution for Medical Leave Management
  • users of the generic API for Identity & Access Management (IAM) in combination with the Youforce users extended interface.

The UPI is not yet mandatory if you only use the Youforce users extended HR interface without the other interfaces mentioned above.


Settings > Data exchange > Raet HR interfaces > Youforce users extended 

An additional option will be made available to users of the interfaces mentioned above. This option will force UPI submission to the Youforce portal. 

Your action 

No action is required. If you are going to use one of the applications mentioned above, Visma | Raet will contact you to set up the correct settings. 


Application feedback


In the previous release notes we informed you that the Customer Effort Score will be launched starting with the September release. When a specific procedure has been performed, a closed question will be displayed concerning the procedure. This enables you to provide us with feedback on new functionalities. This feedback in turn enables us to introduce process improvements.  


As of the September release, a closed question will be displayed when the following actions are performed:

  • Employee > Employee > GDPR - Delete personal data – when the Delete button has been clicked.
  • Employee > Inflow/outflow > Proposed transition payment – when the Save button has been clicked.

The question is: How easy was it for you to complete this task or action? You can answer this question by assigning a score. Based on your score, you will then see a follow-up question:
Score of 1-5: What can we improve to make it easier to perform this task/action?Score of 6-7: What did you find easy about performing this task/action?

Your action

Please provide an answer when you see a question about the use of the application. In this way we can assess your opinion on certain processes and screens, enabling us to focus on targeted improvement.

Personal data available at the Person level


It is becoming increasingly necessary to distinguish between personal data and employment data in interface applications such as Medical Leave Management and Talent Management. A combination of this data at the employee level has always been available in HR Core Business. 
However, it is not only necessary to request personal data from the interface applications, but also to enter personal data from those applications. For example, a change of address for employee A also applies to copies of employee A in other applications. In the new Person level, specific personal data, such as address data, can now be synchronized with other employees, regardless of whether these employees work for the same company. The employees must belong to the same client, however. 
Initially, the new Person level will only be available for clients switching to the new solution for Medical Leave Management or the generic API for Identity & Access Management (IAM) in combination with the Youforce users extended interface. In the future, it will be available in more interface modules. 


Employee > Person > Person

The Person screen will be added to the menu. Once the Person level is available, a person will be generated based on the Unique Personal ID (UPI). The UPI will ensure that employees with the same personal data will be linked to the same person. If you then change any of the following data for one of the employees, the change will not only be implemented for the person, but also for any other linked employees.
The Person screen shows the basic data of all employees linked to the person:

  • Person code *
  • Initials *
  • Formatted name
  • Prefixes
  • Surname *
  • Date of birth *


  • Employee 100, A. Apple, and employee T100, A. Apple, both have UPI 100 and are therefore linked to person 100, A. Apple.
  • Employee 100's address is changed to Lindenlaan 8 in Amersfoort.
    • This means that the address of person 100, A. Apple, will be changed to the same new address.
    • The address of employee T100, who is also linked to person 100, will also be changed immediately. 

This personal data synchronization applies to the following data elements:

Data element



Personal email address

First and middle names

Personal phone number

First name

Cell phone number


Office phone number



Formatted name salutation

House number

Own name code

House number suffix

Partner's name

Location description

Title (prefix)

ZIP/Post code

Title (suffix)



Country of residence

Date of birth

Foreign region

Place of birth

Street (postal address)

Country of birth

House number (postal address)


House number suffix

Date of death

Postal address location description

Citizen service number (BSN)

ZIP/Post code (postal address)


City/town (postal address)



Email address

Foreign region

New screen for Unique Personal ID changes


The Unique Personal ID (UPI) will serve as the unique key for generating a person from employees. The UPI will then be distributed to other applications. For example, the generic API for Identity & Access Management (IAM) will use the UPI as a unique key to recognize users and associated authorizations. Any changes to the UPI can therefore have major consequences. A modified UPI may disable the authorization of a person, and therefore the associated employee. Great care must therefore be taken when making any changes to a UPI.
A separate screen is available as of this release for specific situations where a UPI change is unavoidable, such as registering an incorrect UPI.


Management > Data exchange > Modify UPI

The Modify UPI screen is available in HR Core Business as of this release. The screen is available as of 1 January 2020, and it includes the following fields:

  • Update UPI If you choose Yes, the UPI will be updated with the employee code.
  • Unique Personal ID (UPI) - You can enter a UPI here. Note: if you have selected Yes for Update UPI, this field will be inactive.
Employee > Employee > Employees

You can save the UPI in the wizard screens Create Employee - Step 1 of 6 - Employee and Create new employee with profile group. However, once it has been saved, you can no longer change the UPI on the Employee(s) screen. You will have to use the Modify UPI screen.

Your action

Activating the Person level will be part of an implementation project for the applications mentioned above. Visma | Raet will contact you if this applies to your organization. The UPI must be completed when the Person level is activated. 

Modified and improved

GDPR - Delete employee screen name changed


User feedback has revealed that the name of the GDPR Delete employee screen is confusing. It suggests that an employee can be fully deleted, even though this screen is used only for deleting personal data. We have therefore decided to change the name of this screen. 


Employee > Employee > GDPR Delete Personal Data

As of this release, the name of the GDPR Delete employee screen has been changed to GDPR Delete Personal Data. 

Your action

No action is required. 

State/Province added to Employee Address Details screen


An employee's state/province may be needed for various purposes. It may be useful to record the federal state (Germany) or the region (Belgium) of employees working in those countries, or the employee's province in the Netherlands (or other relevant sub-regions). You can also use this field for compiling reports. The state/province field has been added to the employee's address data screen for this purpose, and you can define values for this field in a values list. 


Employee > Employee > Employee address details

As of this release, the state/province field has been added to the Employee address details screen.  

Settings > Recording > List of values

The state/province element has been added to the Element field list. You can define your own values for the state/province field in this list.  

Your action

If you wish to use the new state/province field, you must first define values in the corresponding list. 

Solved Message

Problems opening free screens (change 1898805)


When selecting a free screen in the menu, the screen sometimes failed to open. This was because all employees with data in the screen were first loaded. 


As of this release, you can now select an employee after selecting the free screen. This means you no longer have to wait until all employees have been loaded. Once you select an employee, the screen opens immediately. 
You can still opt to open a free screen in the old way and not select an employee. If you do so, all employees with data in the screen will be loaded. 

Your action

No action is required. 

Publishing Date : 8/21/2020

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