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Wrong user/password with login on App

28-06-2019 10:11 (Sist oppdatert 02-07-2019)
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This user tip is aimed to help customers of Visma.net Expense. Click here to review the entire user tip guide. 

If you were to get an error message telling you that you do not have the right credentials when logging into Visma Attach you ought to try the same combination of username and password on Visma.net Expense in the web browser first. If you still get the same error message, it could be that you either typed the password incorrectly (make sure all caps is turned off, etc). or it could simply be that you have forgotten your password. If that is the case, click here for guidance on how to change forgotten password. 


If the case is that you can connect to Visma.net Expense, but not Visma Attach app while using the same credentials, it might be a malfunction between Expense and Attach in our system, and to fix this you can follow this guidance:


Uninstall the Attach app from your device. 


Sign in at Visma.net Expense and go to External services.

external services.PNG

This will redirect you to the following page:


On this page click on the trash cane to delete Visma Attach. Once this is completed you can re-install the app Visma Attach on your phone and sign in with the same credentials that you entered to sign in at Visma.net Expense. 

Did you get the help you needed? If not, click here to review the user tip guide for Visma.net Expense. 
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