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Disturbance File API 9 juni 2023 (issue Solved)

door Janice Richardson1 (Bijgewerkt ‎17-10-2023 16:54 door Léon van Berkel VISMA )

Update (14-6-2023 1pm): 

Yesterday the issue with the Youserve File API was fixed. 

This morning the issue with the Raet File API is also resolved (https://api.raet.com/mft/v1.0). Both File API processes works as expected. 


Thank you for your patience. 


Update (13-6-2023 5pm): 

This evening at 6pm we will roll out a fix to solve the problem with the Youserve File API (https://api.youserve.nl/fileapi/v1.0).
We are still working on the problem with the Raet FileAPI (https://api.raet.com/mft/v1.0).
We will give an update about the status of this issue tomorrow at 3pm.


Until then, the workaround will continue to apply.


Update (13-6-2023 2pm): 

Solution is not delivered yet. Next update will be at 5pm.


Update (12-6-2023 11:15am): 

Expected solution: 12-6-2023, afternoon


Original message: 





Scope of issue:

File API YouServe and File API Raet (Youforce). Uploads of type: 113001, 113002.


Description of situation:

Files with file type / Business Type: 113001, 113002 are not processed in HR Core Business.


First occurrence of issue:




Employee changes sent to HR Core business are not processed. 


Issue solved:



Work around:

Files can be uploaded manually in the menu external mutations (NL: externe mutaties)

Important: Files can be processed only once. After the issue is solved, files delivered from File API will be processed in HR Core Business.

To prevent this, automatic processing needs to be stopped on customer as well as company level. This can be done in the menu:

NL: Beheer > Externe mutaties > Conversieschema.




Print screen HRCB

Files which are delivered after the issue is solved, can be removed in the menu item:

NL: Beheer > Externe mutaties > Upload extern mutatie bestand