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Release notes HR Core Business 2023-03 EN

16-02-2023 15:30 (Bijgewerkt op 16-02-2023)
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Modified and improved 

1. New leave request end date


Sometimes it is necessary in the case of a leave application that has been requested for a longer period to bring forward the end date, for example if:

  • the employee's contract hours have changed as of a certain reference date
  • the employee leaves employment
  • a personal situation changes the leave request

Therefore, as of this release, it is possible to change the original end date to an earlier end date. This functionality allows you to shorten an existing leave request:  this means that the new end date cannot be before the start date of the leave request and never after the original end date. 


Employee > Leave > Leave request

On the screen of an existing leave request, you will now see the New End Date button at the bottom right, which will call up a pop-up screen where you can specify a new earlier end date. 

  • After entering a new end date, you will see that the system has adjusted the End Date and the Leave (units) under Details.
  • If you then click the Save button in the Leave request screen, you finalise the new end date and see that the system has adjusted the leave balance under Leave balance hours.

As long as you haven't clicked Save, you can enter an even earlier end date via the New end date button or undo the date changes via Cancel.

Please note: this functionality is not yet controllable via Self Service. 


No action is required. More information can be found from release 2023-03 in the online help topic Leave request, chapter 6. Nieuwe einddatum verlofaanvraag


Solved messages

2. Deleting person data GDPR (change 4130177)


Outflow > Erase person data (GDPR)

After going through the steps in the online help topic GDPR Erase person data (AVG wissen persoonsgegevens), we still saw data in the Ad-hoc report (extended) of employees that were to be deleted.


As of release 2023-02, we have updated the software so that this error no longer occurs and the employees are removed.


No action is required. After the delivery of release 2023-03, all employees that still had to be removed will yet be removed.