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Release notes HR Core Business 2023-04 EN

23-03-2023 15:15
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Modified and Improved

1.  Age-related leave without basic entitlement did not provide expiration date (change 4257594)


If you configure a leave type  with basic entitlements and special rights such as Age-related Hours and/or Seniority-related Hours in a leave scheme, an expiration date will be set for all the hours in the Leave balance screen, provided this has been configured. In basic entitlements, if you have the Leave entitlement per year field set at 0 and special entitlements are configured, then no expiration date was provided for the special leave entitlements. An expiration date was shown only if you left the field Maximum negative empty. Since this is not the way it should function, we modified the software.


Settings > Leave > Leave scheme

As of the 2023-04 release, the software has been modified to ensure that this error no longer occurs. In future, special leave rights without a basic entitlement will also be assigned an expiration date.


If the expiration date is missing from special rights in your organization, you can adjust the leave year. After recalculation of the leave year, you will then be able to see that special leave rights have also been assigned expiration dates. 

Solved Messages

2.  Import UPI without value


If in an import file the Unique Personal ID (UPI) was emptied and another field modified slightly, the UPI at the person level was also emptied but the links of the employee and person remained. If you then tried to enter the UPI again using the Change UPI screen, the system would display the error message that the person code already exists, which is correct because the person has not been terminated.

This issue was due to the UPI being emptied for the person and all the underlying employees. We have therefore modified the software so that it is no longer possible for a person’s UPI and the UPI of all the underlying employees to be emptied, while maintaining the link between the person and employees.


In HR Core Business, you can solve this manually by entering the UPI yourself for the Person. This is not possible in the Person screen however, because the Person code field – where you have to enter the UPI – is a read-only field. This can be resolved by creating a free screen where you insert the fields Unique Personal ID (UPI) and Person code, as described below.


Settings > Data entry > Define custom screens
  • Open the screen Define custom screens and click Add contentbalk_toevoegen_40_hot.png at the top right.
  • Choose the level, preferably Client, via Type of target group and Target group and click Confirm.
  • Enter a name in the field The Netherlands, for example: Free screen - Person
  • In the Data type field, select Person and click Save.
Settings > Data entry > Expand screen
  • Open the Expand Screen screen and fill in the Type of target group, preferably Client, and the Target Group.
  • In the Screen field, select the free screen you just created, which would be Free screen - Person in this example, and click Refresh.
  • Successively search for the elements Person code and Unique personal ID (UPI) using the field Screen element and add them to the screen.

Using a new custom screen for entering UPI

Employee > Employee > Custom screens
  • Select Employee > Employee > Custom screens and choose your company.
    This screen starts at the employee level by default, so you cannot select a person right away. This is an inconvenient feature in the application.
  • Select the Free screen - Person screen and click Confirm.
  • Click Add contentbalk_toevoegen_40_hot.png at the top right.
  • Find the correct person. You can search by Person (= default) or by Person code.
  • Select the person by double-clicking on them.
    You will now see the Unique Personal ID (UPI) field and Person code fields on the screen.
  • You can enter the UPI again in these fields yourself at the Person level.