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HR Core Business 2020-05 EN

24-04-2020 16:29 (Bijgewerkt op 31-01-2022)
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Employee with employment date in the future in Self Service


Users must be able to enter changes through Self Service for employees with an employment date in the future. As of this release, employees with an employment date in the future can be exported to HR Core.


Settings > Data exchange > Self Service parameters

The Toekomstige medewerker verzenden (Send future employee) field has been added to the Self-service parameters screen. When Yes is selected, employees with a date in the future are included in the export.

The start date of the employee data will be the employment date, meaning changes only apply as of the employment date. Changes with an effective date before the employment date will automatically be assigned the employment date as effective date. Changes regarding sickness and time off are an exception. When such changes have an earlier effective date, this will result in export failure from Self Service to HR Core.

Your action

If users must be able to check or change the data of employees with an employment date in the future through Self Service, the Toekomstige medewerker verzenden (Send future employee) field must be set to Yes. In addition, the Youforce users extended feature must be used to export future employees to the portal as well. Contact the Visma | Raet Service Desk; they will create a link to the portal.

New leave type – Supplementary childbirth leave (WIEG)


With the introduction of the Dutch Supplementary Childbirth Leave Act (Wet Invoering Extra Geboorteverlof (WIEG)) a new leave type was required. As of this release the leave type Aanvullend geboorteverlof (Supplementary childbirth leave) can be selected with a start date of 1st of July 2020 when assigning a new leave type to the Leave scheme.


Settings (instellingen) > Leave > Leave scheme

The Leave scheme screen now includes the leave type Aanvullend geboorteverlof (WIEG) (Supplementary childbirth leave (WIEG)) at Type of leave.

  • Click  on the right of the Leave scheme screen at Types of leave (Verlofsoorten).
  • Select the Aanvullend geboorteverlof (WIEG) (Supplementary childbirth leave (WIEG)) leave type.

  • Registering leave balance at Extra individual leave entitlement
    We recommend registering the leave balance at Extra individual leave entitlement and not at Aanvullend geboorteverlof (Supplementary childbirth leave) in the Leave scheme. The balance depends on the number of consecutive weeks an employee wants to take off. This need not be the maximum of 5 consecutive weeks. As of release 2020-06, individual leave entitlement for supplementary childbirth leave will be automatically dealt with when the child is registered.
  • No duration specification
    The duration need not be specified. The 6 months duration after the child’s date of birth is not checked.

Linking supplementary childbirth leave to Continued payment during leave (Uitsplitsing)

Settings > Leave > Leave to Payroll (Verlof koppeling Payroll)

Supplementary childbirth leave can be linked to the Continued payment during leave (breakdown) employment benefit in Payroll Business. Do so by selecting Aanvullend geboorteverlof (Supplementary childbirth leave) in the Type of leave field and next linking it to Payroll by selecting Aanvullend geboorteverlof (HRE) (Supplementary childbirth leave (HRE)) in the Verlofuren verrekening payroll (Payroll leave hours settlement) field.

Registering time off entitlement and expiration date

Employee > Leave > Extra individual leave entitlement

The Extra individual leave entitlement screen contains the Leave entitlement field where the employee’s balance can be specified. The expiration date of 6 months following the child’s birth can be specified in the Expiration date field. 

Your action

If supplementary childbirth leave is to be used, register the data as specified above. 

Modified and Improved 

Buttons available again in the Request for leave screen


In the new layout of the Request for leave screen, the Back button and Export button were no longer available. Clients have indicated they would prefer these to be available again. 


Employee > Leave > Request for leave

When a Request for leave is opened, the following buttons are available at the top right:

One step back

Advanced search



Your action

No action is required.

Solved Message

Removing extra individual leave entitlement (change 1901905)

Employee > Leave > Extra individual leave entitlement


When extra individual leave entitlement was registered and Fixed was selected in the Type of entitlement field, the entitlement could not be deleted. The Delete button at the bottom of the screen was no longer available.


This has been resolved; extra individual leave entitlement can be deleted again as of the May release.

Your action

Check if fixed extra individual leave entitlement is still registered that should be deleted.

Publishing Date : 4/24/2020

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