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06-04-2021 07:53 (Bijgewerkt op 02-02-2022)
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Begin date and End data are not kept after selecting the Department group in Gebruikersrol (change 2245192)

Path: Beheer > Autorisatie > Gebruikersrol

In the page Gebruikersrol the begin and end date were not kept after selecting the Department group. Now the begin and end date are being kept. When clicking on the Department group you will see now the selected (new) departments first.

Incorrect presentation header name for Hire candidate W&S (change 2260251)

If you searched for a candidate's previous employment in the "Hire candidate" process, the result will show one or more records with possible candidate data. In the 6th column header the date of birth is shown, but the header is Person Number. This heading name has been corrected to Date of Birth.

Remove the W&S link on customer level (change 774100)

In Self Service some administrators have partly filled in the credentials in the Recruitment section. You must enter this if you want to export the vacancies to recruitment system: "Easycruit". We remove the partly entered login details because they did not work and these resulted in an error message in the error report: "Vacancy cannot be exported because Easycruit login details are incorrect". This error message was incorrect. We fixed this with solving the change: Make recruiting system empty to omit unexpected logging errors (Change 2235151) (Release notes April 15th).

Replacements are not always visible in the list of workflows (change 362817)

In the audit in Done and Archive, you could see if somebody had done an activity on behalf of f.i. a manager. This is called: replacement. In that column sometimes the value : "Onbekend" was shown while this field had to be empty. This is fixed now.


Change default value for FormulierType to 'empty' when filtering (request: 1542746)

For this request we introduced two necessary changes on the way of creating and filtering for a Form in Fomulieren. 

The fist change is that when creating a new form in Self Service, the default value that appears on the list to select the Form Type will be set to "G" (Generic). As this is the most common form type used, it will save some time to the administrators when creating a new form. 


The second change is for the filtering when searching for a form. In the past the users had to specify the form type along with the form name. From now on, there is no need to specify the form type and the search can be performed only using the form name. The results of the filtering will contain all the forms matching the specified form name regardless of the form type. Of course, form type can still be specified and only forms with those specific parameters will be shown on the filtering results. 


Make recruiting system empty to omit unexpected logging errors (Change 2235151)

If you still wanted to use the vacancies in the Recruitment section but did not want to export them, an incorrect error message appeared in the "error report" (Uitvalverslag)  with the following message: "Vacancy cannot be exported because Easycruit login details are incorrect". This error message was incorrect. That is why we have removed that message from the "Failure Report".

To give you the opportunity to make use of the vacancies without activating the export, we have adjusted the Recruitment and selection section.

The operation is as follows: You can set up the Recruitment & Selection section in two ways:

  1. you want to export the vacancy to Easycruit. You must then enter the credentials;
  2. you want to use the vacancy in Self Service without using a third-party system such as Easycruit (so no export). If you do not want to export the vacancies, you must select "None".

The section: Recruitment can be found and completed in 2 places, namely:

  1. Adjustment at company level: "Management / System / Settings"
  2. Adjustment at employer data level: "Management / System / Update employer data"

The employer data level overrules the company level.

Please note that if you have set the vacancies to not export, you will see the vacancy mutation in Archive with a filled export date. This is to show that this mutation has been performed. However, the vacancy mutation will not be exported.

Solved: Error when getting the list of the departments (change 2675660)

In case multiple departments had a parent-child relation on 3 levels, the system displayed an error when getting the list of departments. It should work as expected now. 

Improvement: Confirmation and Memo pop-ups are now focused (change 2193596)

When the users open the Confirmation and Memo pop-up, the focus is now in the text box and they can directly start typing (without having to click in the box first).


New version of the e-Signing portal

Our partner for Digital Signature, Intradata, has last night released a new version of their portal. This version introduces an improved customer experience.


Solved: Date field behavior when redirected from MyTasks/ Portal (change 2677379)

When a user opens a task from outside Self Service - from MyTasks/ Portal for example - the date fields and calendar should now work as expected.

Publishing Date : 4/20/2021

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