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Self Service Business 2019-06 EN V2

24-05-2019 20:17 (Bijgewerkt op 01-02-2022)
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We have adjusted the june release notes.   

Easycruit fields added to the 'Aannemen kandidaat' form

On the form 'Aannemen kandidaat' (Accept candidate) there are now 5 fields on the "Aannemen kandidaat" form which are filled in with a (correct) value from Easycruit. However, with the import we are getting a mismatch with Self Service fields because the layout of the self-service fields differ from that of Easycruit. These values on those 5 fields are causing an error message on the form. These error messages are not acceptable. That is why we have decided to remove the automatic filling in of these 5 fields. This will take place in the July release. it's concerning these 5 fields:

  • Gender (Geslacht)
  • Salutation (Aanhef)
  • Nationality (Nationaiteit)
  • Marital Status (Burgerlijke staat)
  • Country (Woonland)


Add attachments in recruitment process

All Self Service
We have a new functionality available to add attachments from Easycruit. After selecting a candidate, the user can add attachments, with a few clicks, from Easycruit to the Self service process and can now be redirected to the personnel file. 
In the July release we will add 2 improvements into this process: 
  1. All attachments shall be default selected when entering the form "Kandidaat aannemen" to reduce the step to go back;
  2. After clicking on the button "Kandidaat aannemen" you get a message: ""Please note! If you press the" Accept candidate "button, you cannot go back to add attachments from Easycruit."
Until the July release these instructions are the way to add the attachements from Easycruit:

When a user is in the form 'Aannemen kandidaat', the user can click on the 'paperclip'.

A selection screen with all available attachments will now appear. You can select or deselect each attachment on the screen.

After clicking on the OK button, the user sees the selected attachments. The user can go back by clicking on the paperclip, to adjust the selection.

The selected attachments are processed within the (re)hire process.

The user can continue with the (re)hire process by clicking on the button: 'Kandidaat aannemen'.

Modified and improved

Easycruit fields added to the 'Aannemen kandidaat' form

The new fields are placed on the existing 'Aannemen kandidaat' form and are immediately visible and are linked to the corresponding Rubric codes of the HR Core systems. You do not have to take extra steps.

We have added the following fields to the 'Aannemen kandidaat' form. The data for these fields is provided by Easycruit:

  • E-mail (E-mail)
  • Telephone (Telefoon)
  • Mobile phone (Mobiele telefoon)

Solved changes

Rehire: error message when searching for employee (change 1512580)


In one specific case, an error message appeared during employee searches.


As from this release, the error will not occur anymore.

'500' errors in Start menu and no buttons inside a workflow (change 1443182)


Clicking the Start menu causes an error message to appear. 


As from this release, the error will not occur anymore.

Error in rounding totals to exactly zero in spreadsheet (change 1354358)


There are some values that are very close to 0 (for instance, 2.2204460492503131E-16 or -2.2204460492503131E-16). Because of the way computers run calculations, the result of 1.1 + 0.6 -1.7 is not exactly zero (0). In this case, the value shown on the spreadsheet could be 0.00000000000000022.

The problem is that we are not using twice the value of 0.00000000000000022. Instead, we are changing the value to string (treated as text), which results in 2.22. 


Our software will now convert small values like 0.00000000000000022 to valid values, according to the rubric (the decimal property).

Note: There is a limit, and values below 0.00000000000000000000000000001 will be converted to 0.00..

Publishing Date : 5/31/2019

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