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Self Service Business 2019-07 EN (V3)

21-06-2019 20:24 (Bijgewerkt op 01-02-2022)
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Modified and improved

Candidate data form improved

If you have selected a candidate you will enter the 'Candidate data' form. You will receive an overview of the candidate data. First, you will see the vacancy number and vacancy title. We have added this to the screen. You can also change (if needed) the department and/or the employer here if necessary. These 2 fields are needed to place the candidate at the right employer and under the right department. The department field is filled by default with the value from the vacancy. If you are a manager, the field employer is filled by default with the value that you have as a manager. If you have a professional role, the employer field is left blank by default and you must select an employer.

After this click on the 'Continue' button to start the 'New employee' process. This link with Recruitment only starts the 'new employee' processes in Self Service. Transfer processes are not included.

Recruitment fields in 'Accept candidate' form

On the 'Accept candidate' form there are 5 fields which are filled in with a (correct) value from Recruitment. However, with the import of data for these fields a mismatch occurs with the Self Service fields because the layout of the Self Service fields differs from that of Recruitment. The values in these fields are causing an error message on the form. In the June release, we announced that we were going to remove the automatic filling of these fields. However, we have a better solution for this, which we will implement in the August release.

If you already use the link between Recruitment and Self Service, you will receive an error message. By selecting the correct value in Self Service, the error message will no longer be displayed.

It concerns the following fields:

  • Salutation
  • Title
  • Marital Status
  • Country
  • Gender

Solved changes

New 'Confirm' button on Leave withdrawal form leads to an error message (change 1402665)


A '500-error' appears when clicking on the button 'Confirm' in Leave withdrawal workflow.


Digital Signing has been included properly in this form (Leave withdrawal) solving the '500-error' and allowing the users to sign documents.

'500-error' appears when clicking on start/todo/done/archive list


When logging in Self Service a '500-error' (time out) appears after loading the todo list for more than 30 seconds. The same error appears after clicking on the start/todo/done/archive list.


We improved the query to generate a more optimized query and to reduce performance time.

Replacement date does not reflect the selected date (change 411553)


When selecting the date of a replacement in the header of the column the text mentions that the last day selected is included, but it is not. The workaround for the users that knew about this issue was to add an extra day to the replacement date. However, we received requests asking to change the information so it reflects the actual behavior of the date. 


The column header now shows 'Replacement up to but not included', so it reflects that the real date of the replacement is the next day after the selected date. 


Publishing Date : 7/2/2019

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