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Self Service Business 2019-08 EN

19-07-2019 20:09 (Bijgewerkt op 01-02-2022)
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Modified and Improved

Recruitment fields in 'Accept candidate' form

In the release notes of June and July we communicated that we would make a solution for the 5 fields on the 'Accept candidate' form because the layout of the Self Service fields differs from that of Recruitment and Selection. The values in these fields are causing an error message on the form. From now on the import of data for these fields are transferred from the values of Recruitment and Selection automatically to the correct value within the Self Service fields.

It concerns the following fields:

  • Title
  • Marital Status
  • Country
  • Gender

The field: Salutation is only being presented in the candidate form because the HR Core has no seperated field for this value.

Pay attention: When you use the connection with Recruitment and Selection you have to use the standard from Recruitment and Self Service tables.

Publishing Date : 8/12/2019

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